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Coaching Programs

1on1 Coaching

With 1 on1 coaching, you can design a coaching program that caters to your needs and goals.We work together to help you accomplish your goals, overcome challenges, in space you feel safe to share your thoughts. 

Group Coaching

In group sessions you will be surrounded by others who struggle with the same challenges. The environment is safe, open, and supporting to make sure you can share and be your most authentic self. Goal setting, group conversations, accountabilty, overcoming obstacles, and goal achievement are part of these sessions.

1on1 Coaching


There are 3 different bundle options, each providing additional services. You pay for multiple sessions ahead of time, depending on which package is selected. You decide if you want to purchase a package or pay as you go with no commitment. Packages are at a discounted price.

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What is

Coaches focus on maximizing human potential, mind growth, personal development, and positive change.  In our sessions, I will assist you in accomplishing your goals by changing habits, creating new skills, and providing tools and/or assessments.


  • Healthier Habits

  • Improved Mindset

  • Increased Confidence

  • Increased Motivation

  • Better Quality of Life

  • Feel Your Best

  • Decreased or Complete Elimination of Limiting Thoughts/Beliefs

  • Maximized Potential

  • Healthier Lifestyle


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