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Additional to Coaching Services, I enjoy the opportunity to share my knowledge, inspire, and motivate individuals to set goals and lead healthier + successful lives. Services offered include custom workshops, speaking events, and corporate wellness packages. Ready to have your audience feel inspired and motivated? Schedule a complimentary Zoom meeting right now to discuss your event, audience, and goals. 



Corporate Health
& Wellness

Giving a Speech

Speaking Events

Speaking events are custom created to cater to your audience and theme. These speaks are motivational, inspirational, and/or educational. Speaking topics include: Health & Wellness, Healthy Eating, Stress Management, Emotional Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Personal Transformation, Personal Goal Achievement,  All Encompassing Healthy Living.

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Like the speaking events, these topics are completely personalized to your needs and focus. Unlike the speaking events, your audience will engage in activities and train the audience in different skills, boost insight, and educate/inspire them. The workshops can last 2 hours or a week (a couple hours each day), depending on the purpose of the workshop. Workshop topics include: Stress Management, Healthy-Eating, Healthy Weight-loss, Emotional Wellbeing, Setting Goals/ Goal Achievement, Healthy Eating, Mindfulness, Self-Care, and All Encompassing Healthy Living/Overall Life Satisfaction

In a Meeting

Corporate Health & Wellness

This is for business and/or employers seeking services for their employees. These serevices are focused on improving lifestyle habits. This increases the employee's overall well-being, decreases stress + anxiety, provides clarity, by enhancing their focus and boosting moods. Studies show those who offer these services, their employees work-performance improves, are happier and more focused at work, and are more motivated. Service options include: 1on1 or group Health and Wellness Coaching, Workshops, or a Motivational speech. Each can be personalized and catered to your goals for your employees.

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