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Normal Chaos- What makes it unique?

My business model with Normal Chaos is focused primarily on my personal experiences and struggles in life while applying knowledge from my education in the sessions. In my business, I like to describe each entity as a relationship. I have listed below the most common relationships most of us have:

1. Ourselves

2. Work/ School

3. Money

4. Food

5. Exercise/ Fitness

6. Significant others

7. Parents

8. Children

9. Friends

When we look at all these areas as a relationship, it is easier to evaluate and analyze if it is a healthy relationship or a toxic one. Do I spend too much time in this category? Not enough time? Do I prioritize it as much as I should? Do I allow abusive behavior? Does it control or micromanage my actions and time? This is the easiest way to help clients analyze and achieve a life more balanced and desired. An easy example that we all have a relationship with is ourselves! This is one I find most individuals neglect or do not prioritize enough. An easy way to acknowledge abusive tendencies with ourselves is: “Would I allow a friend to speak to me this way?” or “Would I say this to a friend?” these are important questions for those who have unreasonable standards for themselves or individuals with negative self-talk. (I am also guilty of this!!) If the answer to the questions above is no, then we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be so harsh, and offer better solutions and actions to take care of ourselves. Another great example is work. In today’s society, we can work anywhere because of technology. 9-5 jobs rarely exist anymore because businesses operate longer today, we have phones and emails. It allows easier access to work, for many, ultimately creating an imbalanced life. For these individuals, it is important to acknowledge if work is as high of a priority as they are making it. Some love working, and for those individuals, they may not feel the need to shift their routine, and that’s understandable and okay! For others who wish they spent more time with their significant other or working on their fitness goals, they must ask themselves if they think they should prioritize work over their other relationships or values. In coaching sessions, I will assist in creating that awareness and action plans to create the life you want! I will also release a healthy relationships series on social media and in future posts if this is something that interests you!!

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