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Introduction- Welcome!

Welcome! In this first post, I would like to further introduce myself and my journey to becoming a coach. At a young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that involved helping others. When I was sixteen, I battled anxiety and depression after overcoming a toxic relationship with my father. As my mental health continued to decline, my mother thought it was in my best interest to begin therapy. As I built a relationship with my therapist and began accomplishing mental health goals, I decided to major in Psychology.

During my college years, I began questioning if therapy was meant for me, I struggled with my degree choice and once I graduated, I took a gap year to decide if earning my master's in Psychology was what I desired.

During my gap year, I took some time to further expand my knowledge and discovered coaching. I never heard of coaching before this day and I immediately fell in love with it. Unlike counseling, therapy, or other mental health professional careers, coaching does not focus on healing or the past, rather the focus is on the future and helps clients set goals and achieve them. Coaches assist in a transformation through self-discovery and awareness, while championing the client. I realized I wanted to help others who may have a gap between their current life and their desired life and help them overcome that gap! This is how found myself researching degrees in coaching! My passion only grew throughout my master’s program, which is when I discovered my ultimate passion was helping individuals conquer and create a balanced and overall healthy/ happy life. This is done through the lens of relationships. Once we establish healthier relationships in our lives, we will notice the benefits and enhancement of each aspect of our lives. This ultimately leads to a life we all desire and always hoped for. Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish all you want? Or realize you’re not spending enough time in a certain area? Wish you could have it all? I am here to tell you that you can have enough time in your day to accomplish it all, you CAN divide your time and meet your needs in all areas of life, and you CAN have it all.


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