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Coaching and Therapy- What are the differences?

This is a key question when deciding the appropriate choice for your personal growth and achieving your wellness goals. They have many similarities, they both follow a client-centered approach, meaning the client guides and chooses the topic of conversations and goals. They follow similar approaches to their sessions, such as collaboration, working with the client/patient to help bring awareness and discover solutions to overcome their obstacles. Both promote awareness, goal-setting, provide the client a safe and comfortable environment, and practice active listening while remaining confidential.

So, what’s different? The goal of coaching is not to heal from the past or previous trauma (although, while focusing on the future and accomplishing new goals, this sometimes happens) the conversations in coaching are ONLY about the future. In fact, coaches DO NOT need past information to help you obtain your goals and cultivate change. Coaches focus on awareness and insight to encourage action and goal attainment. Coaches facilitate learning and assist with goal setting while providing accountability and championing the client when goals are accomplished. We find untapped potential or discover critical factors to maximize our client’s fulfillment.

Many of us are not aware of what a coach can be hired for, do not have much knowledge on coaching, or cannot find one we trust. I recommend hiring someone you are comfortable with, can trust, and provide a session that promotes your wellbeing and aids in cultivating positive change.


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